How to Recover NTFS partitions of Windows XP using Recovery Console?

MS Recovery Console is an inbuilt Windows data recovery tool. It was first introduced in MS Windows 2000 and now exist in all higher versions of MS Windows. Windows Recovery Console helps the user in recovering inaccessible NTFS or FAT partitions of his/her computer. 

There are several MS DOS commands included in the Windows Recovery Console program that allow you to recover missing system files or folders that has stalled Windows operating system. MS Recovery Console has following limitations as mentioned below:

  • You will have limited access of your NTFS or FAT partitions such as Windows system files
  • You cannot copy files and folders of a NTFS or FAT table in a portable media like pen or USB drive
  • It will not start if you don’t known the administrator password of your computer

MS Windows recovery console only allows you to copy or rename the missing Windows system files from Windows startup or installation disc. Depending upon the Windows version installed on your computer, you can use Windows Recovery Console either by running MS Windows in safe mode or booting the system with Windows installation CD. If you use Windows XP in your system, then you can run Recovery Console by doing following steps:

  1. Insert Windows XP startup disc in your CD-ROM drive and press Enter

  2. When prompted to press F6 key in the Windows setup screen, press F10 to run Windows Recovery Console

  3. Type the Windows administrator password, when you’re asked to do so and press “Enter” key
  4. In the command prompt of Recovery console, type specific command to rename, delete or copy Windows system file in the computer hard drive
  5. After you’ve completed your all operations, type exit and press “Enter” key

Many Windows XP installation CDs do not show Windows Recovery Console during boot time. You can however, install Windows Recovery console from either Windows startup or installation CD using Windows start menu. You shall be able to recover missing Windows dll, ocx or other system files using Recovery console command and consequently restore inaccessible NTFS partitions of your computer. Many MS-DOS commands like CHKDSK, MD, Atrrib, Copy and Rename are also included in MS Recovery Console. But some Recovery console commands such as fixboot and fixmbr are not available with MS-DOS program. Both fixboot and fixmbr commands allow user to recover deleted or corrupt Windows boot records. If your Windows system has become unstable after hardware failure or incompatibility issue, then Recovery Console will not work. In that case, you must replace the defective or incompatible hardware components of your computer and reinstall MS Windows from Windows installation disc. But formatting the computer drive will erase all old NTFS or FAT partitions and you’ll lose all documents and folders stored in these partitions. Therefore, it is always better to keep critical data in MS Backup folder and use the backup when your NTFS or FAT tables become corrupt or inaccessible.

In case, your Backup folder too has become corrupt, then use a third party Windows data recovery tool. It can recover all deleted or inaccessible files including Windows system files in quickest mode. Windows Data recovery software is capable of recovering NTFS partition data from a formatted drive also.


MS Windows Recovery Console is inbuilt tool of MS Windows. It helps computer user in recovering corrupt or deleted Windows system files from Windows installation CD. Windows Recovery Console let the user to recover NTFS or FAT tables in case Master boot Record is damaged or deleted. However, NTFS corruption due to hardware failure or incompatibility cannot be fixed with Windows Recovery Console. Therefore, you must use a third party Windows Data recovery software to retrieve files and folders.